External Blinds

Sunbreaker Metalpak Sb200

Metalpak Sb200 is a complete sunbreak system with pack-up tilt able aluminium slats, which work with guides and not with cords. This external blind is a modern design with top quality material and a well-tested constructional technique. Light may be regulated, and sunrays repelled if the slats are positioned at 37° so that only 20% solar power passes.

If air-conditioning systems are combined with the use of external sun screens, the power absorbed by the actual system is reduced by 50%, thus limiting energy consumption to 60%. If the sun screen is lowered on winter nights, it creates an insulating air gap which also helps reduce heating costs. The resulting energy saving may be optimised with an automated system that adjusts the position of the slats according to the time of day and the weather.

The Metalpak Sb200 sun blind is suitable both for restructuring work and new buildings – whether housing, commercial or industrial – as well as for hospitals and hotels, where they have proved their worth over the years. A vast selection of colours is available allowing a wide choice in the colour composition of the building.

Sunbreaker rotary

Sunbreaker rotary system is made from extruded aluminium. This system’s blades are designed to provide protection from rain. Their rotation range is up to 90◦ from the initial position of the blade.