External Blinds

Rollex shutters Ariel

Rollex shutter Ariel, is an innovative shutter with insulated wide hole slats conceived to provide greater aeration and lighting throughout the house even with lowered shutters, thanks to its special hole built in the slats. With heigh of 5mm and width of 80/160 mm, the size of the hole is greater than that of traditional holes, which are 2mm high and 17mm wide; these features make Ariel unique and distinctive. Ariel enhances with lowered shutters, air circulation inside the house and simultaneously, allowing 60% more sunlight to enter the environment respect to a traditional shutter.

Keeping a well ventilated home environment is essential to prevent mold formation and other micro-organism that, in addition to being anti-aesthetic are harmful and can cause respiratory-related pathologies.

Ariel is made of eco-friendly insulated aluminium polyurethane foam, with high and medium density providing the profile with the essential rigidity for a quality product durable over time.